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Lose weight quickly and detox your body with the #1 Acai Super Food

Pure Acai Berry 1500mgPure Acai Berry has been used by the indigenous tribes of the Amazonia for centuries.

It’s an amazing Super Fruit rich in vitamins and nutrients that can help you to lose weight, slow down the signs of aging, prevent and guard against disease, detox your system and help to combat fatigue.

“If there is one supplement that should be considered essential – its Acai Berry.”

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The Acai Berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is a small hard round purple fruit, that is often mistaken for a  grape that grows from palm trees in the Brazilian rain forest.

The pulp from this fruit provides wonderful health benefits. If there is one supplement that should be considered essential – its Acai Berry.

Pure Acai Berry contains 1500mg of Pure Acai Berry per serving – the highest strength Acai supplement currently available.

What Pure Acai Berry Max can do for you

  • Lose weight quickly and naturally with a typical potential weight loss of around 30lbs in 3 months if taken as recommended.
  • Detox your body and cleanse your system with natures most powerful antioxidant.
  • Slow down the signs of aging and rid your body of harmful toxins. Free radicals are tiny atoms that are ever present and caused by pollution and 21st century life.
  • Acai can help to guard against illnesses and disease by strengthening the immune system
  • The Acai Berry can also provide additional energy – acquired extra energy creates a higher state of alertness, improves concentration and can increase stamina levels.

Are All Acai Berry Supplements the Same

There are several dozen Acai based supplements available to North Americans – a few highly reputable, some distinctly average and some downright shameful.

A often unrealised fact is that a high majority of Acai based supplements offer relatively little or no health benefit. As soon as the Acai is picked it must be freeze dried as soon a possible to lock in the goodness.

“Use only Brazilian freeze dried Acai – anything else just isn’t Acai.”

If the Acai product you are planning to buy or use does not contain Brazilian Freeze Dried Acai it is highly advised against.

The most important thing to inspect before to buying any Acai Berry product is its Certificate of Analysis. This certificate is conclusive proof that the berry harvested is Brazilian sourced and also freeze dried immediately after harvest.

Un-certificated and non freeze dried Acai will start to lose its benefit during transportation to be encapsulated (put into capsule form).

Bacteria can also form if the berry pulp is not freeze dried immediately upon harvest. Use only freeze dried Acai – anything else just isn’t Acai

Pure Acai Berry Max is certified, genuine and does NOT participate in and free trial or autoship program.

Pure Acai Berry Max Certification

The Acai Berry Max Guarantee

Every purchase is covered by a 180 money back, peace of mind guarantee, this one of the longest in the industry – if you decide for whatever reason that Pure Acai Berry Max is not for you, you are entitled to a refund.

The re-order rate for Pure Acai Berry Max is over 90%.

Buy Pure Acai Berry Max Canada

Pure Acai Berry Max is available to buy direct form the official website – a maximum of 6 boxes boxes can be purchased at any one time.

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Buy Pure Acai Berry Max Canada

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